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The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale Formula (TWF) was created by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost and has been running for over 7 years.
Dan and Dylan seem to have a lot of experience in wholesale claiming to have sold over $30,000,000 of products on Amazon.

What Is The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula (TWF) was created by Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors and has been running for over 7 years.

Dylan and Dan seem to have a lot of experience in wholesale claiming to have sold over $30,000,000 of products on Amazon.

After developing a successful formula for making repeatable profits, they went on to launch their the wholesale training program, and have since passed on their knowledge to over 5,000 students.

The Wholesale Formula focuses on sourcing from wholesalers and selling using Amazon FBA. The unique business model they use and now teach is known as ‘Reverse Sourcing Wholesale‘ and seems to be successful.

We have used wholesaling strategies ourselves to source over $5,000,000 of products for reselling on the Amazon Marketplace.

We currently regard wholesale as the best method of sourcing for Amazon sellers as it has many advantages over Private Label or Arbitrage.

With their wealth of experience, combined with proven methods and strategies, it’s easy to see why they have so many successful students.

How Does The Wholesale Formula Help You Make Money?

The Wholesale Formula (TWF) is an online course designed to help you start and grow a wholesale e-commerce business using Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

While there are several methods for selling on Amazon, The Wholesale Formula focuses exclusively on the wholesale market on that platform. It’s all about buying in bulk, shipping the goods to Amazon’s FBA warehouses, and then selling them on

Unlike other courses that focus on competition rather than collaboration between small businesses, this course allows you to help those businesses while making money for yourself.

Once a year, in the middle of winter, between January and February, TWF registration begins. This is the only time new participants can join the course.

What’s Included In The Wholesale Formula Course?

The Wholesale Formula comprises a series of comprehensive modules that cover various aspects of the wholesale business journey. These modules are meticulously crafted to provide learners with an in-depth understanding of the strategies, techniques, and tactics required for success. Let's delve into the core modules:

  • Module 1 : Orientation
    Understand the basics of the ‘Reverse Sourcing Wholesale’ model. During this module, international students will also learn how to create an Amazon account.
  • Module 2 : Product Analysis
    This module contains 10 videos that teach you how to analyze products on Amazon to find potential winners. You’ll also learn about the ‘Buy Box’, the sales rank, and competition analysis.
  • Module 3 : Scouting
    The purpose of this module is to introduce you to the TWF Scouting and Sourcing system. Leaf Sourcing, Amazon filtering, and Jungle Scout are covered.
  • Module 4 : Value Propositions
    Get noticed by potential brands and increase your account approvals. Get tips for building your website, using PPC, optimizing listings, and more.
  • Module 5 : Sourcing
    Dan and Dylan teach you the systems they use in order to contact brand owners, open wholesale accounts, and negotiate lower prices. You will also learn how to accurately forecast sales so that you can place initial orders and reorders without missing a sale.
  • Module 6 : Growth
    Once you master the core course material and your business is running smoothly, it’s time to start implementing the same automation techniques they used to scale to the 8-figure level.

Benefits of The Wholesale Formula

Here are some advantages the course has over similar courses which deal with Amazon wholesale sourcing. They include:

  • The Course Is Comprehensive
    The course deals with the concepts of scouting, sourcing, and scaling in such a way that it ensures that their students fully learn the basics of the business model. Also, by dividing the course work into easily digestible modules, the course prevents information overload and ensures that participants learn at their own pace.
  • It Teaches You How to Eliminate the Middleman
    By teaching you how to take advantage of the Amazon FBA program, you can send merchandise directly from the manufacturer to an Amazon warehouse without the help of any intermediate services.

    This saves you the burden of having to pick up, package, and deliver these products directly to sellers. It also eliminates any customer service issues you may encounter during the process.
  • Shows You How To Get Discount Prices
    By buying the product in bulk as a certified brand merchandiser using their RPS call system and by eliminating the costs of using the services of middlemen, you can get the best discounts. This gives you a significant price advantage over your competitors.
  • The Course Teaches Revolutionary Techniques
    The course shows you how to achieve these goals by offering their unique twist to popular marketing strategies. These include Reverse Sourcing, Super Targeting, RPS call system, as well as several great business scaling techniques.
  • Easy-To-Understand Modules
    You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have in-depth prior knowledge of Amazon wholesale marketing. The course carefully guides you through all the steps and information you may need starting from basic concepts before graduating to more complicated techniques.
  • Great Support
    The Wholesale Formula course offers students all the resources they need to launch a successful wholesale career. This includes a Resource Vault which contains additional lessons on how Amazon works, how to set up a business, and how to effectively utilize key software such as G-suite.
  • Here are other benefits of The Wholesale Formula:
    It’s never easy to get approved by brand owners, which has resulted in reduced competition for sellers who can finally reach the manufacturer’s selling price.

    The good news to you is that through Reverse Selling Wholesale, you have the same access that lots of sellers lobby for but never get. And it already provides you a leg up on the competition and a variety of revenue streams.

    You’ll acquire the abilities that will make you a high attraction for major brands with Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost as your mentor and sales pilot.

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses

Your purchase of The Wholesale Formula Program will qualify you for some amazing bonuses that are up for grabs.

  • Access to Facebook Community: You get full membership status of The Wholesale Formula Alumni Facebook group. Within this group, you are exposed to people’s testimonials and answers to questions you may have.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Software like Jungle Scout and Tactical Arbitrage attract a mouth-watering discount of $3,000.
  • Access to VA Launchpad ($250 Value): The VA Launchpad is a training course that exposes vital strategies on how to hire and train your virtual assistants. With this knowledge, you would effectively outsource a significant amount of your work and quickly scale your Amazon wholesale business.
  • Relevant Files and Templates: You get access to well-structured email templates designed to help you communicate properly with brand owners and wholesalers. Other communication templates are in this package.
  • TWF Webinar Recordings: With these bonuses, you can easily keep abreast with the important facts of the Wholesale Formula. These recordings are loaded with over 10 hours of in-depth webinar replays where you learn more about sourcing, growth, product analysis, and other vital aspects of the formula.
Who Created the Wholesale Formula

Who Created the Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula was created by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, two highly successful Amazon sellers.

But for both of them, it didn't start off easy. Dan lost his job back in 2011. Before that, he had already started his Amazon business working part-time, but due to the loss of his job, he went into it full steam. He never gave up even though there were many ups and downs but eventually saw success with his Amazon business.

Dylan had a rough childhood and his ultimate dream was to become a postal worker. Talk about setting the bar high! lol. Like many, his 40K a year job at 24 wasn't satisfying enough. Sound familiar?

Dylan and Dan were friends, so Dan approached Dylan to go in with him on the Amazon business. It was a rough start, but together they built a business that to date has done a whopping $36,000,000 in sales.

I mentioned earlier about rating this course on reputation and it's off to a good start. I am sure you'd rather learn from people that have made that kind of money on Amazon rather than some other self-proclaimed Amazon guru that peddles his products on YouTube. (A guy with two first names comes to mind lol)

How Much Money Can You Earn From This Course?

How much money you can make depends on a few factors. How much you are willing to put into it and how hard you're willing to work.

The Wholesale Formula claims that some students have recouped their cost of investment within a month. Of course, that isn't the case with everyone because things like the product you choose, demand for the product, what your profit margins are, etc. all determine what you will make.

But the potential is there, and Dan and Dylan offer a lot of guidance on how to make the most out of your business.

How Much Does The Wholesale Formula Course Cost?

TWF has two payment options.

A one-time, up-front payment for the course is $2997.

Or, you can choose the payment plan at 4 monthly payments of $874.

That totals to $3496 which ends up costing you $499 more.

If you can swing it, go for the one-pay. You could pay your cc off in 4 months and might it should still be less than the payment plan.

There is also an option to split the payment between two credit cards. But you can only do this with the full payment option. This is good if you want to share the course with someone else. And yes, TWF allows you to have two people share the course if you want to have a business partner or share with your spouse. (More on this later).

Here is another payment scenario. If you enrolled with the payment plan but wish you did the one-pay, the good news is that you can switch to the single pay. You just need to contact support to get all the details.

What is the Refund Policy?

The refund policy isn't the greatest in terms of refund guarantees and it will penalize you only if you opt for the payment plan.

Let me explain...

If you pay in full, you can get a refund within the first 30 days with no questions asked. You don't need to prove you went through the training or anything like that. Just email support to request a refund but it must be done within the first 30 days.

If you opt for the payment plan, even if you request a refund within the first 30 days, you won't get it. Your next 3 payments will be canceled, but you will lose $874 just like that.

The bottom line is, if you're already thinking about refunds before even buying the course, you're just not ready. Just don't bother buying unless you're 100% in.

The Wholesale Formula Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is The Wholesale Formula Worth It?

    Yes, the Wholesale formula is worth every minute, effort, and penny you invest in it. The knowledge you acquire from this course can help you scale significantly in your business and make you a big-time earner.

  • Are There Any Wholesale Formula Complaints?

    Yes, there are some complaints about the Wholesale formula such as the difficulty in finding an uncommon product to market or the small window you get when you want a refund.

  • Is There A Refund for The Wholesale Formula?

    Yes, the program offers a 30-days money-back guarantee for subscribers who don’t wish to continue with the course. If you don’t opt out with the 30 days window, you would not get a refund.

  • What is Amazon FBA?

    FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. This service is fully run by Amazon and its primary goal is to enable regular individuals without a warehouse or staff to sell various products on their platform.

  • Can I Get The Wholesale Formula PDF?

    Yes, the wholesale Formula pdf is available but this will come without other relevant materials and information that you get when you pay for the full course.

  • How Long Do You Have Access to The Wholesale Formula?

    The Wholesale Formula offers a lifetime deal, which means you can always access the formula and other free updates and bonuses when you pay once. The wholesale formula login details will be sent directly to your email immediately after payment.

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